My name is Bre Dale RD/LD, and I like to eat donuts. *audience gasps!* Yes, I am a DIET-itian. This means I tell people how to eat for a living, and I just told you not only that I eat donuts but that I LIKE to eat donuts. Okay, I want to be really honest with you guys. I LOVE to eat donuts. Like “there’s never a bad time to eat a donut” kind of love. Let me take the honesty one step further. I love to eat all things breakfast and all things sweet. You will rarely hear me say “it’s too sweet” and I am always down for having breakfast food at any time of the day. I am a nutrition nerd. I eat that stuff up! I will talk to you about nutrition all day if you’re willing to listen. I’m always trying to live healthy and keep my family healthy. I enjoy exercise and squeeze it in whenever I can. I love to cook and bake, especially if I can come up with a healthier version of a recipe. All of this is what makes me, The Not So Perfect RD.

In life outside of cyber world, I am a clinical dietitian in the diabetes department of a clinic, a dietitian for my friend’s online nutrition business, 413 nutrition, a mom to a beautiful baby girl, and a wife to literally the coolest, most supportive, smart, creative, funny (sometimes), and good looking husband on the planet! All that to tell you, my life is busy. I get it. Your life is busy too. Eating healthy seems time consuming, expensive, confusing, and boring. Well I want to help you out. Let me teach you how to eat in a way where you get to enjoy all the foods you love and still be healthy. Let me teach you about balance and moderation. Let me teach you that fruits and vegetables are delicious and a must have, but that you can have cake too.

I want to be honest, simple, and realistic with you because eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult. I want to make your life just a tiny bit more manageable.

Here are my healthy living philosophies:

  • Diets are how and what we eat all the time. Not something you go on short term to lose weight.
  • Balance and moderation are key. If it’s too restrictive you likely won’t maintain it long term.
  • Consistency is important. You can’t make changes 40% of the time and expect to see a big difference.
  • Food is fun, so enjoy what you eat.
  • Healthy living doesn’t have to start on Mondays. You can start over at 3:02 pm on a Thursday even if you just polished off a large piece of cake.
  • Exercise is fun too. There are so many ways to get moving!
  • Baked chicken, steam broccoli, and brown rice for every meal is NOT the way to go about this.
  • If you want to make changes, write your goals down and share them!
  • Live “healthy-ish.” Drink your water, get your exercise, eat your fruits and veggies all week. Enjoy a nice dinner out or have a delicious dessert on the weekend.
  • BONUS: A small piece of dark chocolate is acceptable every day of the week.