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So it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote anything on here. I’ve been spending most of my writing and recipe development time on Instagram these days. If you have an Instagram, I would love to connect with you on there! My goal is to grow both accounts where this site will be for the deeper and longer posts and Instagram for little food bits more frequently. Today’s writing though just comes as a suggestion and an encouragement that came in my head last night. To be honest, most of my writing comes in spurts of frantic energy. Like the moment of an epiphany, I just know what I need to say and how I need to say it. I pray these spurts are led by the Holy Spirit and words the Lord wants me to share.

Last night these lyrics came to my head: “count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done.”

I started thinking about how much of my time in the past I have spent counting every single calorie I ate in a day. I would measure, I would weigh, I would look it up. At one point I know I was spending a couple hours in my day total planning out my calories and counting them. For me, it was just way too much. I was miserable with how much time it was taking and how it was always a constant thing in the back of my mind. The moment God grabbed a hold of me was when I felt like God was asking me “Bre, when was the last time you spent that much time with me in the day? When was the last time I was constantly in the back of your mind?” This really stopped me in my tracks. I realized how fast this had become an obsession for me.

Now counting calories itself is not inherently bad. It’s not wrong, harmful, or bad to know the amount of calories you eat. Just like many things in life, they are not wrong to do or have. It’s when they become extreme. Just depending on your relationship with food and body image, the amount of time you spend counting calories that isn’t harmful to you will vary. So this post is not meant to tell you how much time you can spend on calorie counting. It is to help you have a better relationship with food and God. I hope this helps you put into perspective the amount of time you put towards your diet.

So today I am not counting calories. I am counting my blessings. The more time I spend counting the good God has so graciously given me, the less time I spend focused on my own personal selfish wants and needs. There may be things in my life that I don’t like or want but, my contentment is much greater when my focus is on my God and His mighty works.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man that trusts in Him.

Psalm 34:8 

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