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New Website New Focus

First I want to say welcome to the new website! If you have been following my blog for awhile you may have noticed some changes. I want to really say thank you to you for supporting me from very early on in my blogging adventure. If this is your first time here, I’m so glad you came! Definitely check out the homepage and About me page to find out more info.

Whether this is your first visit or 50th visit to my website, I want to tell you about all the changes I have made and my vision for this new website! I’m so excited for this endeavor and feel very passionate about this topic. My hopes are to grow this site even more and eventually offer nutrition coaching and counseling services virtually!

The Changes

So what are the changes I have made? The first big change is a new name and URL! This one makes me really excited. I officially have my own URL! It goes right along with the new name. Previously this was the not so perfect RD blog. A lot of what I wanted with that title still applies, but I feel that the new website name really encompasses what I want to accomplish here. This is now Soulful Nutrition!

The Name

Soulful Nutrition was a name I came up with to help me describe my nutrition philosophies. My idea of good nutrition is anything but following a perfect diet. I want to promote living styles that promote overall health, not just physical. The focus will be on creating a balance between physical and mental health. The last idea behind the name is to incorporate Biblical principles into some of my posts. Think of it as nutrition for the body and the soul.

Soulful Nutrition

The Content

I will continue to post recipes with a focus on family meals, meal prepping, snacks, and kid meals. The recipes will contain the recipe, why I like them, and ways you can adjust them for your personal preferences.

The nutritional content will have more emphasis on intuitive eating and  mindful eating principles. I truly believe that having a diet that includes all your favorite foods is best. There will be more advice on caring for your body how it is right now, and how to listen and do what makes your body and soul feel best.

The soulful content will focus on taking care of your mind and spirit. Sometimes the pursuit of a “perfect” body leads to an exhausted mind and spirit. Too often the joys of eating and the joys of life are robbed from us because we were so caught up in hating and changing the body we are in. I will be taking more of a health at every size approach. Diet culture has unfortunately made us hyper focused on our physical appearance and every gram of food we eat. Here you will find encouragement and tips on taking care of YOUR body. It is a gift that was given only to you. There is so much more joy when you can be at peace with your body and focus on more meaningful things of life.

The Audience

I welcome any and all who want to visit my blog, but I have a few groups of people I think may find the most interest here. I have a passion for women’s health, especially moms. As a mom to a young toddler, my favorite topics are feeding yourself and your children.

As a Christian, I will target those who are wanting spiritual encouragement and want to know what the Bible says how taking care of our bodies.

This blog will also be for anyone who is interested in intuitive eating. If you want to learn how enjoy foods that make you feel good and your favorite foods without feeling like you’ve cheated. Also, as a dietitian who has spent the past few year working with chronic diseases both in prevention and treatment, I will have posts geared towards taking care of your health while still having freedom with food.

Everyone is welcome, and I hope to post things that interest many different people.

The Vision 

My vision for the future is to expand this website to not just be for recipes and nutrition tips, but to offer nutrition coaching and counseling services eventually. Not only do I want to offer these services but I want to offer them virtually because I know traveling for a visit is not always easy. This will give a lot of flexibility on both ends. I will also give the option of standard nutrition counseling and faith based nutrition counseling. In the meanwhile feel free to contact me under the contact tab.

Well, I think that is enough updates for now. Hope to see you back here soon! Please leave comments on topics you want to know about or thoughts on the new blog.

PS- we have an Instagram now. Come follow us there!

4 thoughts on “New Website New Focus”

  1. I loved the old blog, especially the recipes. But I think this one will be even better. I’m not a mom, but I still care about nutrition, family and faith.


    1. I’m glad! This will still have all the same recipes and while a lot of posts will be relatable to moms, there’ll be many that will be interesting and helpful for anyone interested in nutrition and/or faith. Definitely check back often!


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