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Why You Should Eat Your Favorite Foods.

I want you to stop for a moment and think of your favorite foods. (Me thinking while typing- pizza, hamburgers, avocados, dark chocolate, ice cream, donuts, pancakes, cheesecake, sauted peppers and onions, hot wings, steak, strawberries..)

Okay, now I want you to think of the last diet you went on and how many of those foods became “no” foods. With the exception of a few, I imagine most of you  just lost a good chunk if not all your favorite foods! So now all of the sudden foods that normally bring you some joy make you feel guilty, shameful, and maybe even weak if you can’t seem to stop thinking about them or eating them! What a terrible feeling.

Here’s the thing, restrictive diets will ALWAYS do that. They will always make you cut out things you like to eat, maybe have you eat food you don’t like to eat, and make you stress about almost every social eating situation you get yourself into. There is nothing fun about that! It just doesn’t work long term. Here is one reason why:

Try this with me.

Everyone, stop thinking about puppies!!

What’s happening now? You’re probably thinking about puppies. The funny thing is that you probably weren’t thinking of puppies before I told you not to think of them. Now that I’ve told you to not think about them you are probably thinking about them a lot. Some of you may have just opened up another internet tab just to search for cute pictures and videos of puppies! This is why restrictive diets don’t work.

PS- if you want to watch the cutest video of puppies ever and have a heart filled with joy for at least the next 5 minutes go watch Puppies vs. Stairs. Do it. You’ll be glad.

When your diet tells you that you can’t eat something, it makes you want it. Something that would have just been normal and neutral is all the sudden greatly desired and a big no no. Not only that, it makes you feel like an awful person or at least makes you feel frustrated or sad that you ate it when you give in. What a frustrating feeling to think about XXX food that you love bringing you shame and guilt when you eat it. No one wants to find their worth in the foods they eat. You are NOT and shouldn’t feel like a bad person because you ate a “bad” food. You are so much more than food you eat.

You can be healthy and enjoy your favorite foods. You don’t have to have a list of no foods.

If you want help, getting back to a place of normal eating and enjoying your favorite foods, I’d be glad to help.


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