Simple Sweet Pepper Appetizer

So I’m not even really sure I can call this a recipe because it’s only 2 ingredients and requires very little time or effort, but that’s the best kind of yummy right?? Plus, you can consider this a good for you food so that’s a bonus.

I called this an appetizer because I think it would be a quick way to make a snack for a party with friends or family that tastes good, looks good, and easy. I’m using is as a snack at work though, so this not just a party food. All this requires is you to pick your favorite flavor of hummus (I really can’t decide. I like all that I have tried. The one pictured is Olive Tapenade that I got at Aldi). Then you need a bag of mini sweet peppers. If you wanted to be EXTRA fancy you could add a third ingredient to top each one, like an olive. I’m thinking a kalamata olive would be great on top of this.

Simple Sweet Pepper Appetizer

favorite store bought hummus

mini sweet bell peppers

*optional topper- olives


Rinse and pat dry the peppers.

Cut peppers in half lengthwise and remove any large pieces of the white fleshy part.

Spoon 1/2-1 tbsp hummus into each pepper half.


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