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First blog post

The Purpose

Wow. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog! Really I mean that. This is my first blog post ever, so bare with me!

It seems appropriate that here is where I tell you why I chose to start a blog. I can sum it all up in a quote from “The Office” that I relate to sooo much!

Stanley: “I took an extra shot of insulin in preparation for this cake today. If I don’t have some cake soon I might die.”

Oscar: “Why don’t you just have an apple?”

Stanley: “Why don’t you mind your business?”

I laugh so hard every time I hear that quote because I am Stanley and I am Oscar. As a clinical dietitian in a diabetes department, I talk to patients with diabetes on a daily basis about their food choices and insulin. I suggest things like having an apple for a snack instead of cake. This is when I am being Oscar. In my mind, as a dietitian, that is a rational and reasonable suggestion! Easy choice. BAM! Just fixed all your problems!

As a sweets loving human though…. I am 100% Stanley. Apple vs. Cake. Like 8 times out of 10 (okay, maybe 9 times) Cake sounds better to me than an apple. Don’t get me wrong! I love apples. Most weeks I have a small apple with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter as one of my snacks during the day. Granny Smiths, Fujis, Honey Crisps, Pink Ladies… Mmmm. That actually sounds delicious to me right now. I’ve diverged from the point though. What I’m trying to say is: if I plan to have an apple for a snack and suddenly there is a cake in the conference room it takes all of my willpower to not throw my apple snack aside and eat the cake. By the way, the conference room is right across the hall from my office. I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to avoid wonderful goodies that magically show up in there. I’m not crazy, I hear that food saying my name.

Dietitian or not, I think we all have a little Oscar and a little Stanley in us when it comes to making food choices. So I decided to make a blog about it. Having the nutrition background to divide true from faulty nutrition information along with the desires to eat everything I shouldn’t makes me the not so perfect dietitian to help you with healthy living. My goal is to help you manage healthy eating in a busy, complicated world that is filled with WAY too many unhealthy temptations. I promise, healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, bland, boring, or time consuming. It can be easy, economical, flavorful, exciting, and quick! It takes some learning, but that’s why I’m here!

I will keep things honest, so you don’t feel like this is an all or nothing thing. It is totally acceptable to eat a healthy diet and eat cake!! It is totally acceptable to exercise your little heart out day after day and then fall off the wagon for weeks at a time. It’s okay to have days where you eat want healthy foods and days where you want everything but healthy foods. Got it?

Life is funny. People who are willing to laugh and enjoy  life’s menial events have more fun. I intend to keep this blog light and fun for that reason. I really appreciate honesty, so I am willing to tell you that even though I KNOW very well how I should eat and live to be healthy, I DO NOT always follow it very well.

The Name

The Not So Perfect RD (Registered Dietitian). Why did I choose this name? Because I feel like it describes perfectly (ironic) who I am and the message I want to convey to you. Like I just said, I know how to eat. I went to school for 4 and a half years to learn nutrition. But I have moments and sometimes days where I don’t do what I know to do. For example *gulp*… I’m about to tell you how not perfect this dietitian has eaten today already at 3:08 pm on this Friday afternoon. Boy, I picked a bad day to write this. Haha. No, like I said, honest. I going to be honest with you. I started my morning with a good breakfast, a portion controlled snacked, and a lunch full of fiber, protein, and heart healthy fats. Since lunch I have eaten a small piece of a chocolate cookie cake, the tiniest sliver of fudge, and a small bag of salted popcorn. Yup… Now you see why I am The Not So Perfect RD. 🙂

The Mission

I  hope that being so honest with you about how I eat and the struggles I go through to make the right choices will help you overcome your own eating obstacles. Those moments where you feel so angry with yourself because you messed up your diet again. I want to be the place you turn when you want to know the truth, not a crazy fad or magic plan. I want to be the place where you are encouraged to be a healthier you. I want to be the place where you find ideas for how to eat a balanced and moderate diet. I want to be the place where you find the courage to be honest with yourself and try again, and again, and again.

On this website, you will find nutrition tips, recipes, stories, and healthy living tips. Use this place to learn how to have your cake and eat it too!

The End

Congratulations! You made it through reading my first ever blog post! I really hope you enjoyed it. Now what should you do?

  1. Comment and leave me some honest feedback.
  2. Contact me with topics you want me to blog about.
  3. Explore the rest of my site periodically as I continue to develop it and add more.
  4. Check out the link to 413nutrition Facebook page for even more nutrition and exercise tips, buy healthy balanced menu plans, or join weight loss challenges.
  5. Start your healthy living the Not So Perfect RD way!

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