Hello! “Make yourself to home.” -Michael Scott- The Office

If you follow this blog for any time at all, you will find out “The Office” is my all time favorite show to quote. There’s never a bad moment to throw one of those quotes in.

Really though, this blog is for real people. By “real people” I mean people who want to be healthy, but who also want to eat a whole cake, not just a slice. (Or pizza, or ice cream, or donuts, or hot wings… pick your poison.) People who want honest, simple and doable nutrition tips that fit into their way too entirely busy schedule. People who want real information about eating a balanced diet. People who need encouragement when they mess up, and a high five when they succeed. People who realize it’s easy to get off track sometimes (or daily… yeah, probably daily) and need accountability to get back on. This blog is for people who eat food and want to do it right.

Life is hectic enough. Eating healthy shouldn’t have to be. Let this Not So Perfect RD help you out.